Simo Bacar

Sleep Walkers
Sleep Walkers
Paul Gondry: Sleep Walkers
March 17 – April 15, 2023

Simo Bacar is delighted to present Sleep Walkers, Paul Gondry’s first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Paul Gondry (b. 1991 Paris) lives and works in New York. The artist studied Film, Animation and Video at the Rhode Island School of Design. Most recently, Gondry presented works at The Armory Show, New York, with Newton, the Gramercy International Prize recipient in 2022. Recent exhibitions include: Castelet, Simo Bacar, Lisbon (2022); Le pays du soleil, Futura, Prague (2020); Various Others, KAYA (Debo Eilers and Kerstin Brätsch) and Paul Gondry, Deborah Schamoni, Munich hosting Malcolm X (MX) Gallery, New York (2019); Just So Stories, Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg (2019); Kunsthalle Wichita, Kansas (2018); C. R. McBerny Vol. I, curated by Andrew Hunt and Veit Laurent Kurz, Zwinglisalon, Berlin (2018); C. Vomitoria, Paul Gondry and Duncan Boise, MX Gallery, New York (2018); Golem, 15 Orient, New York (2017); Shpongle, Shelby Jackson and Paul Gondry, 15 Orient, New York (2016); Hüttendasein, 15 Orient, New York (2016). The artist was the co-founder of 15 Orient, New York, and recently joined MX Gallery team to transition into Newton.